Impact101 Crowdfunding – What is p2pProfit – Join NOW – Impact101 Crowdfunding – What is p2pProfit? Join NOW!

p2pProfit is a new free membership site for any and all teams to promote Impact101 Crowdfunding and earn commissions as you grow your business.

Step 2 of p2pProfit is located Impact101 Crowdfunding.
To Go directly to the Impact101 Crowdfunding join page

With Impact101 Crowdfunding:
You can Raise ANY Amount of Money For ANYTHING.
– Instant 100% of Commissions Paid out
– No Monthly Fees – Pays Instantly (You can get paid TODAY!)
– Affordable to start
– Can be added to your existing biz
– No Hype just Value & Daily Cash Deposits

• Impact101 Crowdfunding is the world’s first 2 x 2 Follow-Me Matrix that pays on ALL 6 positions.
• Impact101 Crowdfunding is a cooperative crowdfunding system that is designed to allow people with limited contacts, mediocre business skills and little time to effectively raise all the funds the need to get out of debt and pay for all the other things they want in life.
• Crowdfunding is a concept that allows you to legally raise money for virtually anything… student debts, vacations, pay off debts or a charitable endeavor like raising funds for a hospital, church or disaster.
• Great companies like GoFundMe, Kickstarter and Indiegogo have setup millions of campaigns and raised billions of dollars for individuals, businesses and worthy causes worldwide.
• Impact101 does the same thing but better – way better and we do it in a cooperative way.
• In using the other sites you’re all alone and dependent upon your own efforts. That means, if you have a small circle of friends, you will only have the ability to raise a small amount of money.
• In Impact101 – we help you raise money in a cooperative way as we work together as a team to help ensure everybody gets funded.

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