Ways to Buy Property with Poor Credit, Pt. 3 – CROWDFUNDING || Real Estate Explained #219

Looking for a creative way to buy a property and have poor credit? Wondering if you should get others involved?

J. Lucky Henry breaks down crowdfunding as new way to purchase a property in today’s Real Estate Explained video.

What is crowdfunding? And what are the ways to do it?

1. As the investor — You will own a stake in the property, but you don’t have complete control. You are a passive investor. This means you put some money in but someone else does the legwork of finding a property and you have a return on the investment.

2. Raise capital — You go and find a property, but perhaps your credit isn’t stellar and asset-based lending (hard money loans) are too expensive for you. In this scenario you may seek out crowdfunding company — they may have better rates.

Just because your own capital and credit aren’t sky high doesn’t mean buying or investing in a property can’t be a reality.

Think you’ve found a property that could be great for crowdfunding?


When it comes to real estate, you want to get Lucky.


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