How To Make $502,000 In 30 Days Through Crowdfunding

Greg Jacobs used crowdfunding to sell $502,000 of his product through crowdfunding in about 30 days.

The best part is that he was able to sell nearly half a million dollars for a product he wasn’t even done creating!

His product was so successful, he even turned down the popular TV show, Shark Tank who was pursuing him to come on the show.

Crowdfunding is a brilliant way for entrepreneurs, inventors, and creators to raise capital without having to take out a loan at a bank, or raise capital from angel investors or venture capitalists.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1. You create a campaign for your product on a crowdfunding website.

Step 2. People pre-purchase your product or donate small (or large) amounts of money.

Step 3. You’re able to fund the cost of creating your product with the pre-sale and donation revenue.

Brilliant, right!?

Now, crowdfunding isn’t new. People have been “crowd funding” for a long time. For example, people used the power of crowdfunding to raise money for the Statue Of Liberty!

Today, people are using crowdfunding websites to launch consumer products, books, movies, and just about anything you can think of…

In This Interview, Greg Explains:

How He Made $350,000 In 30 Days With His First Crowdfunding Product

– The 3 Steps For Running A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

– Why 9 Out Of 10 People Who Try To Raise Money With Crowdfunding Fail

– How To Use Crowdfunding Even If You Don’t Have A Product To Sell Yet

– Why Crowdfunding Is Funding More Projects Than Angel Investing & Venture Capital

– How Crowdfunding Can Immediately Raise Sales By 100%

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