What Is Crowdfunding?


Hello Puppies, I’m Marcella Puppini, from The Puppini Sisters, and I have a question for you: would you like us to record a new album? Would you buy it?

If the answer is yes, then let me ask you this: would you buy it before it’s made?

Don’t worry, this isn’t a riddle. You see, making a high-quality album, especially with a famous Big Band like The Pasadena Roof Orchestra, is really, really, really expensive.
You have to hire a good studio and the top sound engineers, you have to pay the musicians properly, get the album mixed, manufactured and distributed. You have to pay royalties to the songwriters, not to mention arranging, composing, rehearsing, travel, accommodation….it takes tens of thousands of pounds just to get started.

In the old days, we would have looked to a big record label to finance a project of this size.
But this is 2019. We’ve decided to follow in the footsteps of great artists who broke free of the big record labels shackles, like Madonna and Prince, and become fiercely independent artists, producing our own records and running our own business.

So, you may be asking yourself how we’re going to achieve this. I mean, Madonna and Prince both have pretty big stilettos to fill.

That’s where you come in, through the magic of crowdfunding.

We’re asking you to buy the album before it’s made. By buying the album early, or opting for any of the incredible things we have on offer as an exclusive to this campaign, you give us the funds to make the album.

That’s crowdfunding.

And, by crowdfunding us, you become our record label, and we stay independent, and able to keep making great music.

There is a downside of crowdfunding, of course. It’s that if we don’t reach our target we don’t make the album. You get your donation back, and we say goodby.

So, if we made a new album would you buy it?

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