Buffy Playbus is Crowdfunding for a Sensory Den!

We are crowdfunding to create a dedicated sensory area on our new playbus. This will enable all pre-school children, whatever their abilities, to have fun and enjoy themselves in a unique & innovative setting.

Please Pledge today to support our Big Bus for Little People, go to https://www.spacehive.com/buffy-playbus-sensory-den or find out more at www.buffybus.co.uk

The space will be dedicated to the sensory needs of all children. We will use lighting, soft materials, inviting colour schemes and interactive play to provide a safe & comforting environment where children can learn & play. This area will give a feeling of independence and help build self-confidence as children explore different stimulating activities in a relaxing manner. This will be a special place where children feel entirely at ease and are able to initiate & control effects of the experiences they create. The project has real power to make a big difference.

Donors will be offered a wide range of rewards depending on their level of contribution to the crowdfund, which can include: a free party on the bus, invitation to cut the ribbon at our launch event in September, free entrance for all the family for one month, your name displayed on the new bus interior. Most importantly providing our communities with access to a range of multi-sensory activities.

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