What is an Alternative Crowdfunding System to the ICO?

This is one section of a video series to explain the XIO Blockchain Startup Incubator. To read or watch the entire XIO Blackpaper in more detail, go to https://bombx.io/blackpaper


Despite over $13,000,000,000 raised through Initial Coin Offerings in the first half of 2018, over 1000 projects are now dead with 81% of projects reported as scams. The race to innovation turned into a battle of marketing hype and artificial speculation rather than the creation of purpose-driven technology.

On January 15th, we launched an idea into the world. Five months later, that idea turned into a $10M project.

There was no ICO. There was no external investment. We didn’t rely on capital and to this day, we have never spent a single dollar on marketing. The growth of this project validated the concept of an alternative crowdfunding options and began our exploration of how to help other projects do the same.

XIO introduces an alternative crowdfunding system to expedite innovation and align the incentives of blockchain-based projects:

Exclusive Incubator Offering


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