Webinar – Market Your Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform to Attract Investors

On Wednesday, October 19th 2018, Esmeralda Carrere, Marketing Manager at BrickFunding, was invited by Katipult, a tailored Crowdfunding Solution, to collaborate on this Webinar and provide you with actionable tips on attracting investors to your platform and raising funds.

This webinar will help you learn:

– How to create an evolutive website that is able to utilize crowdfunding technology, be UX friendly and can attract users with its look and messages
– The importance of value-driven storytelling that allows for an approach that changes the way marketing of real estate investments is done
– Basic and more advanced SEO tactics that can be used by both internal or external resources
– How to maximize exposure and get active referrers with affiliate marketing, referrals and search engines
– How to create a successful communications strategy including PR and social media

To learn more about our affiliated partnership plans for your real estate crowdfunding platform, visit: https://platformmanager.brickfunding.com/

To learn more about starting your own online real estate platform, visit:

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