[Free Course] Investment Crowdfunding 101 (also known as Equity Crowdfunding)

💸 Here’s a free crowdfund investor’s handbook written by Davis Jones — The Favorable FOUR: The Little Handbook for Crowdfund Investors​ → http://bit.ly/favorablefour

🚀 Here’s an extensive post about what we have found works at Eazl with for promoting our equity crowdfunding campaigns: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/real-tips-equity-crowdfunding-from-someone-who-has-actually-jones/

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🎯 Here’s a list of the US FINRA-Approved Regulation Crowdfunding
Platforms (as of November 2017) → http://bit.ly/eazlcfilist

📰 Here’s the text-based guide that accompanies this course→ http://www.bit.ly/cfiguide

Mini course description:

Learn about a transformative financial technology just legalized in the US (May of 2016) and everything you need to be in the know about crowdfund investing (sometimes called Equity Crowdfunding).

✽ Build the vocabulary, rules, and use cases of crowdfund investing in 25 minutes ✽
• Why startup / small business investing via the internet is transformative
• How crowdfund investing and crowdfunding (e.g. Kickstarter) are completely different
• What the law allows for entrepreneurs, investors, and funding portals
• Where business and social change fits into this equation

✽ Big opportunities to be early to the game ✽
Learning the basics of crowdfund investing (CFI) puts a very powerful tool into your hands. CFI’s use cases may include startup funding, small business “mini-IPOs”, and internet-based fundraising for larger projects. Opportunities for consultants, entrepreneurs, and investors in this space are likely to increase exponentially over the next 10 years.

✽ Content and Overview ✽
You’ll start by learning the basics of crowdfund investing, then move on to how this financial innovation can fit into a business’ financial lifecycle. Then, you’ll learn the basics of securities as they apply to crowdfund investing, including how equities, bonds, and profit-sharing arrangements work under this model. Next, you’ll learn how funding portals work and how businesses need to approach discussing financial information during these transactions. We’ll wrap up with a look at some of the socioeconomic impacts of the new law and access to additional resources.

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