PartnersInWealth.Org CrowdFunding

  1. Understand that crowdfunding is not a business or income opportunity
  2. Participants don’t make money in crowdfunding 
  3. Making money involves a business transaction: exchange of products or services between two parties 
  4. Crowdfunding is not a business activity.  It’s a fundraising activity. 
  5. Crowdfunding is about raising funds for projects from your crowd. 
  6. Partnersinwealth.org Crowdfunding is unconditional giving from your crowd. 
  7. Raising funds or receiving donations is not a business
  8. Crowdfunding is raising money in preparation to start a business.  After starting a business, money received from your business transactions is considered income. 
  9. Crowdfunding is $100 billion industry and growing. 
  10. Crowdfunding is global, over 200 countries.  
  11. Raise $50 to over $1,000,000. It depends on your project.
  12. Donations are given directly to campaign promoters, not to a company.


  1. Raise money to start a business
  2. Raise money to expand or upgrade your business. 
  3. Raise money to pay your debts. 
  4. Raise money to get out of bankruptcy. 
  5. Raise money to upgrade or expand your home or to buy a new home.
  6. Raise money for your education or your children’s education
  7. Raise money for your church
  8. Raise money for voice lessons, musical training, or recording. 
  9. Raise money for your ideas. 
  10. Raise money for your inventions
  11. Raise money for your new car. 
  12. Raise money for your club or organization. 
  13. Raise money for your hobbies. 
  14. Raise money for someone in need. 
  15. Raise money for food. 
  16. Raise money for natural disasters. 

Entities that use crowdfunding

  1. Government
  2. Politicians
  3. Schools
  4. Nonprofit Organizations 
  5. Churches
  6. Students
  7. Charities
  8. Causes
  9. Business opportunities
  10. Business start-ups
  11. Music industry
  12. Film industry
  13. Entertainment industry

Methods of donation

  1. Pay Pal
  2. Bank transfer
  3. Western Union
  4. Moneygram
  5. Person to person
  6. Bank deposit
  7. Zoom 
  8. Google pay
  9. Debit card transfer
  10. Please send us other methods

Get starting today in building your future.

  1. For any questions, email Support@partnersinwealth.org
  2. Get back to the person who introduced you to PartnersInWealth.Org
  3. Register and verify your email
  4. Upload your picture
  5. Receive training and support
  6. Keep in touch with your campaign promoter
  7. Incorrect information can disqualify individuals from participation in partnersinwealth.org 
  8. Once removed, not eligible for re-entry.